Our Vitz Burst containing a vitamin B complex and natural green coffee is a great supplement that gives your body many necessary nutrients.


Both our K2/D3 capsules are perfect for maximising your joint health.


Studies have shown vitamins K2 and D3 consumed in conjunction have a major effect on our immune systems.


Much like their effect on our bones, both vitamins K2 and D3 also support our teeth health.


Both K2/D3 are great for supporting our heart health.

All of our products are made from high quality ingredients to give our bodies exactly what they require. By using high quality ingredients, we are ensuring you are getting exactly what you should. There are no hidden ingredients in our products, you find all information regarding our supplements on our website!

We are here to help you find a clear path to a healthier lifestyle.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just give us a call or an email and we would to be able to help!


Vitamin K2

  • Perfect partner for vitamin D3.
  • Active ingredient.
  • Aids bone and heart health.
  • Use Kappa Biosciences K2VITAL®. For more information on Kappa Bioscience please see below section.
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Vitamin D3

  • Perfect partner for vitamin K2.
  • Active ingredient.
  • Aids normal function of the immune system.
vitamin b, tablet, success-4308676.jpgvitamin b, tablet, success-4308676.jpg

Vitamin B Complex

  • All 8 of the B vitamins work in perfect synergy with each other.
  • Whilst working with each other they can support our immune system, improve our skin whilst also improving our mood, energy and sleep levels.
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Natural Green Coffee Extract

  • A natural way of giving our bodies and state of mind a much needed energy boost.
  • As well as being great for energy levels, natural green coffee extract can also aid weight loss

Vitamin K2 + D3

Bone & Heart Health.

Immune Support.

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Vitz Burst

Vitamin B Complex.

Energy Boost.

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Vitamin D3

Immune Support.

Bone & Teeth Health.

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What People Say

Real Stories from Real People

Real Stories

Real Stories

Every fortnight we will be posting a new story following a real persons journey into improving their health and lifestyle. Keep an eye out! Updates will be coming.

Real People

Real People

We will be following all different types of people, different backgrounds and different ages. Hopefully one of these stories will inspire somebody else on their health and wellness journey.

Real Products for Real People


The Vitz team places an emphasis on creating supplements that you can trust. All of our supplements are made in the UK with a real focus on exceptional standards. We also are committed to ensuring all of our products are vegetarian / vegan. We want you to be confident about how your body is being by fuelled.

  • Industry Statistics

    A 9 year long study conducted by Kappa Bioscience on over 400 vitamin K2 products showed that in some categories up to 84% missed their label claim.

    Missed Label Claim

    Unfortunately, this kind of statistic is common across the industry for various different ingredients and products. This is a big reason for why we started Vitz, we want to provide supplements that are true to the label claims.

  • Our Suppliers

    Our K2 suppliers our Kappa Bioscience who are one of the leading producers of Vitamin K2 (K2VITAL).

    • The outcome of their production is an extremely pure vitamin K2. (Menaquinone-7/MK-7). Kappa’s K2VITAL is 99.7% pure in its active form.
    • Their K2 is clinically proven.
    • Kappa aims at being the scientific leader in the world for vitamin K2.
  • What Our Customers Say

    Been a few days and I have really noticed a difference going from low iU to this high iU product which also delivered quicker than I expected! High quality product and I will be purchasing more once this batch runs out!

    I also checked out their website to see more details on the product/company and I was pleasantly surprised by the transparency and information available on it! Recommend highly!

    I like these, I’ve been taking for about a month now in the morning whilst getting ready. They’re really easy to swallow and seem to work. Feels and looks like my skin is really radiant. Great with a glass of juice!

    Went on Vitz website before purchasing the product and found loads of useful information on K2 and D3 which made me comfortable in my purchase.

    Since I’ve started using this product I’ve felt and immediate difference and for this reason I will be continuing to use this product moving forward!

    Can’t recommend this product enough!

    Tablets small & easily swallowed. No perceptible taste.

How We Do It

About Our Company

Vitz was born out of a desire to have a supplement brand that the consumer can wholeheartedly trust.

For too long when we would search for supplements, we would not be able to easily find a brand that shows exactly what’s in their supplements. Moreover, the key point is we weren’t be able to trust the strength of the supplements.

Studies have shown supplement brands have claimed to deliver active ingredients, but too many of them actually fail.

A 9 year long study conducted by Kappa Bioscience on over 400 vitamin K2 products showed that in some categories up to 84% missed their label claim.

This then sparked an idea of creating Vitz. A brand that is completely transparent with the consumer and delivers on its primary and secondary promises.

We want the consumer being totally comfortable and at ease by creating high quality scientifically backed supplements that deliver on their claims.

We are here to help you find a clear path to a healthy lifestyle with Vitz.