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Look After and Love Yourself – It’s Important!

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We all want to be in the best possible physical, mental and health condition. However how many of us actually take time out to act on it? Looking after ourselves always raises our mood but we do not do it often enough, why is this? Neglecting our health and wellness is something we have all been guilty of, even though it does wonders for our moods. This week’s blog post is about how important it is to look after yourself by loving your yourself and your body!

Give our health and wellness some time, loving and attention can raise our morale and spirits, can do amazing things for our skin, can improve our body condition and can help us all feel better overall both physically and mentally.

It is said it takes three weeks to build and create a habit. Creating healthy habits that benefit us Is crucial in our general wellbeing. Our advice is to take it slow and not do everything at once. At the end of today we want you to take a moment and analyse your day and ask yourself what got you down the most today? Whatever the answer is that will be the first habit we want you to work on.

For example, if it is your weight then the first habit to implement would be healthy eating, and then the next habit adding some exercise to the routine and so on. Another example would be if the answer to your question is work stress, the habit to build would be to take at least 15 minutes in your day to de-clutter your mind. Whether this is going on a walk, doing yoga, reading, etc.

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The following are some of the reasons for the important of loving ourselves and paying some attention to health and wellness :

  • Improves Mood – In our opinion, this is the greatest benefit. A healthy lifestyle will not only relax your mind but also give you the right energy you need to enjoy your day fully. An improved mood helps overcome stress, boosts self-confidence and helps you get the most out of your day.
  • Weight Management – Healthy eating with a few regular exercises will go a long way in avoiding weight gain that is not needed. This will also have a bonus effect which is boosting your immune system. A balanced diet with a few hours of exercise a week will do wonders.
  • Energy Boost – There is nothing worse than feeling lethargic all day and just going through the motions. A balanced healthy diet will give our bodies the fuel it needs to run efficiently all day. Sleeping for eight hours minimum also plays a big role so making sure we prioritize sleep is key.
  • Prevent Diseases – Keeping healthy also helps with preventing diseases such as, heart diseases, depression, blood pressure etc. Start the day of right with a healthy breakfast!
  • Longevity – Showing love to these healthy habits by applying them will also provide a longer (and happier) life whilst giving us better overall wellbeing.
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When we talk about Health and Wellness it’s good to fully separate the two and give each equal attention.

Health is all about keeping the physical and mental condition in tip top shape to keep free of any illness, disease or injury. For our health, we can set many different goals to keep continuously improving.

Wellness has many different definitions. Wellness is all about how we live in our everyday life, there is no specific goal to meet, it is a lifestyle. Having a high level of wellness is the key to having a higher quality of life. Our wellbeing not only effects us individually but also those around us.

To truly improve your health and wellness we recommend the following : Love Yourself!

Love Yourself – Understanding that we are all different, we all have different bodies, with different brains, with different surroundings with different factors that makes us, us. We have to embrace and love every part of these! Let’s stop comparing ourselves to others, our past self, etc, lets channel on our energy into bettering ourselves in our current condition. Focus on the things in life that give you most happiness and everything will fall into place.

By focussing on the things that matter, we will truly see the importance of health and wellness.

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