Our Story So Far

The Start

The initial idea was born in December 2019. Our founder Faris was in search of some supplements to help with his joint health for sports. In his search he was shocked at how many products on the market failed to live up to their label claims and started thinking about launching his brand based on transparency.


The world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. When the severity of the virus was known, Faris thought it was time to accelerate his plans. Many people would be purchasing supplements without knowing whats fully in these supplements. The idea was for Vitz to change this and offer the customer full transparency.

The Launch

In January 2021, after many months of hard work creating supplements with high quality and reliable ingredients Vitz was finally launched! Customers can be confident in what they are putting into their bodies with Vitz supplements! Our first two products Vitz K2+D3 and Vitz D3 were launched!

Vitz Burst

After an exciting and successful launch of the first two products we have been able to get to work on a brand new product! A vitamin B complex with natural green coffee extract which is fully vegan! Introducing Vitz Burst! Launched June 2021.

About Vitz
Vitz was born out of a desire to have a supplement brand that the consumer can wholeheartedly trust.

For too long when we would search for supplements, we would not be able to easily find a brand that shows exactly what’s in their supplements. Moreover, the key point is we weren’t be able to trust the strength of the supplements.

Studies have shown supplement brands have claimed to deliver active ingredients, but too many of them actually fail.

A 9 year long study conducted by Kappa Bioscience on over 400 vitamin K2 products showed that in some categories up to 84% missed their label claim.

This then sparked an idea of creating Vitz. A brand that is completely transparent with the consumer and delivers on its primary and secondary promises.

We want the consumer being totally comfortable and at ease by creating high quality scientifically backed supplements that deliver on their claims.

We are here to help you find a clear path to a healthy lifestyle with Vitz.