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The Return of (Outdoor) Sports

We’re all very excited for March 29th with outdoor sports activities returning. With Gym’s opening up again on April 12th we can say goodbye to our Joe Wicks and Chloe Ting.

Being able to participate in these activities does so much for not only our physical health but also our mental health.

Whether we are playing a game of football on a Sunday morning or going on a top golf date it is so important to get back out to give your health (mental and physical) a big boost!

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Research has shown that exercising for around 150 minutes per week can help with our mental health to fight anxiety and depression.

There is something that is invigorating about exercising outdoors, it is said that exercising outdoors has more benefits than exercising indoors.

Physical exercise, whether it is team sports or individual focussed sports help our bodies function better but also help our mental health condition in a big way. Team sports help us keep engaged, energised and our morale is boosted by encouragement from our team members. Individual focussed exercise is also great as it is more thought provoking and stress reliving, an example of this golf.

Another big benefit of playing sports is that it can improve our brain power making it more efficient.

Research has shown that those who play sports have an ability to filter out noise and static. This in turn allows us to process information a whole lot better in different situations. In a situation where our brain is getting a lot of different info, it will filter to make us focus on the 5% that we need.

In essence, sports can improve the way our brains process information by allowing us to focus on the info that matters. It helps us cut the waffle.

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 While we are enjoying ourselves playing sports outside its important to be as safe and cautious as possible. We need to play it safe.

Here are some things we can do:

  • Timing – We can choose to go to the gym / play our sports at hours where the location won’t be as busy as peak hours. Avoiding locker rooms and public toilets is the best course of action.
  • Hydration – As we are nearing summer it is key to make sure we are all hydrated! It can be easy to forget about something so simple but we must stay hydrated.
  • Sharing – We have to be as safe as possible and this means restricting sharing equipment, water bottles, face masks etc.
  • Sanitise – We must continue to be as clean as possible, that means making sure we are clean. This includes any equipment that is used.
  • Nutrition – Eating fruit and veg daily s a huge benefit as they are packed in essential vitamins.
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Finally, exercising outdoors can mean more pressure on our bones and joints. Check out our bones and joints blog to learn more on what we can do to have optimal bone and joint health.

Vitamins K2 and D3 are essential for great bone health. Make sure to supplement these to support your bones in the best possible way.  

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Mums the Word!

March 8th saw the world celebrate International Women’s day. It was great to see all of our timelines filled with women who have inspired so many with their stories. Here at Vitz, we are very lucky to have inspiring women part of our team.  

March 14th will be Mother’s Day which is one of our favourite days of the year. Being a mum is incredibly challenging and tough however also exciting, fun and rewarding. A big thank you to all the mother’s in the world that work tirelessly to ensure their child/children are looked after in the best possible manner.  

This week’s blog will be all about nutrition, health and wellness for women and more specifically for mothers.

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There is no day like a Mother’s day! On most days, a mother’s average day includes hundreds of tasks and that’s just for looking after the children. On top of that, add work tasks as well any other time consuming activities a Mother may do to keep her mental health healthy. This doesn’t leave much time in the day at all, so here are some quick tips that could hopefully make days go smoother :

  • Be Ahead of the Curve – By creating a plan, whether it is daily or weekly plans, we can be as efficient as possible with everything that needs to get done. This in turn will give us more chill time with the kids.
  • Prep, Prep, and more Prep – Meal prepping can save valuable hours during the week which can be spent relaxing. Keeping on top of your mental health is so important, doing something as simple as meal prepping can be invaluable.
  • Get the Kids on Board – Encouraging healthy eating in different ways could be key in getting the kids to be proud of healthy eating. Try different methods e.g. challenge them to try something healthy if they are competitive.
  • Get Creative – When doing different tasks in the day such as cooking or even a work task its important to keep it fun! Whether its something as silly sounding as making a rule that you have to dance every hour or getting creative with the foods you eat.
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For all the expecting mothers keeping healthy is a top priority, especially as this is crucial for the baby. Choosing a supplement to keep your vitamin levels, etc high can be confusing at times, but even more so when it is also impacting your little one.

Here are two big factors to consider when choosing a supplement:

  • Transparency – It is absolutely essential that the supplement brand you are purchasing from is as transparent as possible. There are many supplements on the market that are not regulated in the best way or some even do not match up to their label claims. We would suggest even giving the manufacturer a call to have all your questions answered. Here at Vitz, honesty and transparency whilst maintaining a high level of quality is at the very top of our value list.
  • Scientifically Backed – Doing your homework on supplements is highly recommended. Being a supplement nerd is cool! To make sure the supplements are matching their label claim for quality, dosage, etc be sure to ask the supplement manufacturer for  the scientific resources such as studies on the ingredients or the supplement.
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Be an All – Star Mum and take an All – Star Vitamin :

Research has shown that Vitamin K2 is very important for both the mother and child during pregnancy.  

Due to the unborn child’s need for calcium, women can be impacted by a calcium deficiency. Having a lack of vitamin K2 can be detrimental for the unborn child. Skeletal development before the birth can set the pace for the child’s future bone health. Taking enough vitamin K2 ensures that the mother makes the best out of the calcium she has available which benefits her child’s bones, giving the perfect start.

In some extreme cases a calcium deficiency for the expecting mother can lead to pregnancy associated osteoporosis. This condition means the expectant mother will be in severe pain due to vertebral fractures. Vitamin K2 targets the bone producing proteins to give the bones the calcium they need.

Research has also shown, breastfeeding mothers should think about taking vitamin K2 to increase the amount of the K2 that is delivered to their new-born child. Supplements for infants can also be considered but again be sure to do your homework to ensure they are getting the best possible.

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Bones and Joints – Lockdown Edition

Having endured three lockdowns now many of us trying to different ways for staying active whilst gyms, sports centres, etc are all closed. Many of us are doing a Joe Wicks style home workout to get their sweat on whilst others are going the old fashioned route with an outdoors run.Whether we are going on a long walk or working the rowing machine at home it is so important to make sure our bones and joints are also in good shape!

crop unrecognizable chiropractor examining arm of smiling female patient

It’s normal for many of us to not even give our joints a thought until it’s too late and we’re aching and in pain – I’ve been a victim of this myself many times!

Having cartilage protecting the joints with a fluid cushioning is how healthy joint should be. On average, women have more mobility in their bones and joints, because they are moving around more they are more likely to cause wear and tear.

Here are some of the causes that may cause our joints to ache:

  • Being Overweight – The pressure in the knee joints when moving is around five times your body weight, this means even a few added pounds could have an effect. On top of this body fat also increases inflammation which will cause more pain and swelling.
  • Over – Sitting  – Yes this is a thing! It is important to keep the joints moving to keep them working as they should. Doing this regularly also strengthens muscles and ligaments around your joints. Being sat down or inactive too long can result in stiffness and cause the soft tissue to decline.
  • Menopause –  Oestrogen is key to keeping the ligaments that stabilise joints flexible. As oestrogen levels fall, joints become weaker and stiffer. The low oestrogen levels will In turn cause aches and pain.
  • Stress –  You may be thinking, what has stress got to do with my joints? Well, our stress and pain levels affect how we all deal with pain. Studies have shown increased stress levels can actually make the pain worse.
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If you find your joints and bones are aching or are in pain then we have some ways to build healthier joints for you too:

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight – Shedding ten pounds can take 50 pounds of pressure of your knees. Having a healthy weight means less pain, less inflammation, less pressure on joints and cartilage preservation.
  • Have a Healthy Diet – This is a key factor in health and wellness in general.  Eating fruit and veg can prevent inflammation. Eating lean proteins is important to support the strong muscles.
  • Sun or Supplements – Vitamins D and K are necessary for good bone health. If you cant get enough through the sun, make sure to supplement them to support your bone health in the best way.
  • Keep Active!!
woman with arms outstretched against blue sky

Exercise can feel like that thing we would want to do when our joints are aching. However, by staying active we can reduce pain, reduce stiffness as well as strengthening the muscles that support our joints.

It’s good and important to get around 30 minutes of exercise per day across five days. The following exercises are best for the maintenance our joint health:

  • Walking –  This can bring so many different benefits. It aids losing or maintaining body weight and also gets all major muscle groups in motion. The great thing about walking is it costs nothing but time and requires no extra equipment.
  • Yoga – Yoga is brilliant as it also helps stress relief and is great for relaxation purposes. Yoga will help keep joints mobile.
  • Swimming To burn calories and sooth muscles swimming is the perfect exercise. It is also great for improving joint pain and stiffness. Swimming can improve mood as well as helping with sleep, it is great for both mental and physical benefits.
  • Strength Training – It’s important to not over do it and go heavy with the weights. Going slow and steady is the best way. Strength training will help support and protect our joints.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Yes, it even applies to our bones and joints!