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Vitamin D3 is one of the most vital vitamins needed to aid the body as it plays a big role in immune response, maintenance of bones and teeth as well as muscle function.

There is a lot of evidence currently illustrating a lack of D3 within the UK. 1 in 5 people within the UK have low vitamin D levels.


Immune Response ✔ – Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with increased susceptibility to infections. A high dosage (e.g. 4000IU) is suggested beneficial for immune health.


Maintenance of Bones, Teeth and Muscle Health ✔ – Vitamin D3 absorbs calcium from nutrients through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream – this is where calcium builds strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 is also key as it plays an important role in building the protein Osteocalcin, which is needed to bring calcium into bones mass.

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