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Coffee – Is it Good or Bad for us?

Coffee is something the vast majority of drink. It is not surprising that after water, coffee is the most popular drink in the world. Over 400 BILLION cups of coffee are consumed each year. In fact, I have my morning espresso helping write this blog.

In Britain alone, over one billion pounds was spent on coffee, on average we Brits drink 2 cups of coffee per day. I know this is certainly true for me with my morning espresso and my afternoon latté.

There is an art to coffee with so many different types one can choose to create from an americanos and cappuccinos to affogatos and iced lattés. The coffee aficionados among us will also tell us there is beauty in the beans whether it’s Arabica or Liberica, etc.

All this coffee is being drunk, studied, created but just how good or bad is coffee for us? Lets find out!

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The Good Stuff :

  • Antioxidant Dynamo – Coffee’s main rival tea usually gets a lot of love for the anti oxidants it provides however coffee is no slouch in this department. It’s filled with anti oxidants which also help reduce inflammation. Coffee has plenty of hydro cinnamic acids and polyphenols that can help play a part in reducing chances for cancer/ heart disease.
  • Energy Burst – Coffee is well known to give us the energy we need as well improving our physical performance. We have all had those mornings where we are walking zombies until we have had our first cup of coffee and then all of a sudden we feel on top of the world! The boost in caffeine stimulates our nervous systems. This is done by raising our adrenaline levels and releasing fatty acids that we can use for energy. Great for the mornings or before a workout!
  • Decrease Chances of Health Conditions – Various studies have shown a positive of drinking 1 -2 cups of coffee per day can help reducing the chances of numerous diseases compared to non-coffee drinkers.
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The Bad Stuff :

  • Sleep Trouble – Too much coffee consumption can really have a part to play on our sleep. Even though it may seem like caffeine doesn’t impact us because we can fall asleep, the quality of the actual sleep could be affected. Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee should not impact the sleep, however 3 or more cups per day can.
  • Anxiety and Jitteriness – Taking in too much caffeine can lead to jitteriness and anxiety. We are all different so 2 cups of coffee for somebody could be the perfect amount, however for another it could be way too much. If you are sensitive to caffeine it Is best to avoid it as much as you can.
  • Withdrawal – Caffeine can be addictive to some. When people who have been using to consuming caffeine stop consuming it they can get withdrawal symptoms. These can include headaches, exhaustion, irritability, etc.
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Coffee Is often given a bad rep when it comes to health and wellness. Successful people in all walks of life drink coffee. Successful authors, personal trainers, business owners, music artists, etc.

Even successful athletes drink coffee! Italian footballers love an espresso before they start their days or before training. Most notably, the elite 5 time all star Jimmy Butler the basketballer has become a coffee aficionado. Whilst leading the Miami Heat to an NBA Championship finals in the bubble, Jimmy Butler had started making his own coffee which became so popular he started selling to other athletes within the bubble! He believes coffee is so beneficial for him he developed a passion for it which has led to the creation of his coffee brand – BIG FACE COFFEE.

Coffee like most things in life is great in moderation. According to various studies, coffee can have crucial health benefits for the average person. Going off the scientific evidence, coffee is very healthy for most people.

That said it is important to say there are the negatives aspect also. We would recommend to limit how much sugar is added to the coffee to get the maximum health benefits whilst drinking 1-2 cups of coffee per day.

Our summary is if you enjoy coffee carry on drinking it! If you do not like coffee that is also fine and you can go without.